Daytime Activities

Everybody finds something to love in Split! If you are an adrenaline seeker, put on a helmet and experience thrilling canyoning, scuba diving or white water rafting. If you better play it safe, pack a sunscreen, swimsuit and a towel and enjoy unlimited quat ride or oldschool beach-hopping.


Stag group on rafting
Rafting in Dalmatian nature
Croatian adrenaline stag do
Swimming break

Let's spend a day on the river! Pack your swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen ... a helmet and a lot of courage!

You're going to experience an adventurous trip on the Cetina river canyon. The river changes its character from quiet stream to wild torrent. If you can't manage to handle the paddling, you'll be sentenced to swimming in cold water! Don't worry about being in water all the time, difficulty of rafting develops gradually and combines the adventure with pleasant relaxation.



Croatian challenge for the groom
Swimming in crystal clear water of Cetina River
Adrenaline stag weekend in Split
Canyoning - adrenaline and fun for your stag do

180 meters high cliffs, waterfalls, crystal lakes and subterranean tunnels - experience the untouched nature and explore the beauty hidden in the depth of Cetina canyon!

Together with a skilled instructor you descend into the canyon and your way down will be escorted with an increasing noise of white water in background. When you finally achieve the river, the real journey begins!


Sea Kayaking

Kayaking near Dalmatian coast
Stag group kayaking on Adriatic sea
Stag kayaking near Split
Sea kayaking in Split

Enliven your Stag Do in Split with a favourite sport activity. The sea doesn't have to be only about swimming and sunbathing - grab your stag buddies and try kayaking!

You'll see the best parts of the Adriatic while kayaking on crystal clear sea towards Pakleni Otoci islets. Don't worry if you have a morning hangover - kayaking is a relaxing activity which you can handle even if you suffer after party night. What's more - water helps you to cool down your body and mind!



Paintball war near Split
Stag group after paintball game
Hiding in the bush
Attacking the opponents

Transform your leisure day into an adrenalin shooting match against your friends! Don't get confused with the relaxing atmosphere of Split, with us you can turn it into an courageous activity!

Change your clothes, divide into teams and enter the local paintball arena. The field is rich in barriers and shelters what ensures you an unlimited fun. You don't have to follow the common rules so what about turning the groom into the position of victim and changing your paintball match into 'The Groom Target Shooting'?


Deep Water Soloing

Cliff climbing adventure
High cliff jumping
Race who will climb cliff first
Stag crew on cliff jumping adventure

Our guides will take you to places just locals knows about. Enchanting cliffswhere they for years go to enjoy hot summer day. Deep water soloing provides you everything that can make you cool and amused: climbing, swimming, jumping, sunbathing, entertainment, refreshment.

Climbing is done on vertical and overhanging cliffs above the sea surface. Each climbing begins and ends in the sea. Just try climbing as high as you can and don't be afraid of falling down, 'cause the water underneath you is deep and crystal clear.


Old-timer Beach Hopping

Beach hopping with hippie van
Stag buddies enjoying beach hopping
Stag do in old-school style only in Split
Go wild on Croatian beaches

Go beach-hopping in an old-timer or hippie van. Discover the best beaches around Split, driving from one to another with trendy beach bus with loud sound system, refreshment and a guide who will teach you how to play "Picigin" - the local's most popular beach game!


Quad Ride in Nature

Girls going wild on quads
Friends enjoying quads in mountain
Stag group on quad ride
Dirty ride in Croatia

If you like thrilling action come and try quads driving. Even if you are a very beginner, with help of our instructors you’ll soon be blasting down the road.

On 40 km long road we are going to take you up in to the mountains Dinare, then back down to Cetina river canyon and to the cliffs located near the Adriatic sea. The road is not made of asphalt, so there will be no traffic, just you, your friends, quads and wild nature. To avoid being close to starvation, there will be a perfect barbecue lunch with juicy meat prepared for your stag group.


Party Catamaran

Enjoying hot summer afternoon on the boat
Party catamaran sailing towards Pakleni islands
Party people chilling on the boat
Swimming break near Pakleni islands

First part of the trip- sailing toward Pakleni islands has more relaxing character. Enjoying the summer vibes, chilling and sunbathing in our big nets that stretch along half catamaran while you drink your beer or cocktail. During the hot part of the day, we will make some swimming stops, so you can freshen up in deep blue sea next to Milna town and in turquoise bay near world famous Pakleni Islands.



Cetina river canyon
Breath-taking Zipline adventure
Zipline in untouched nature
Boost your stag do in Split with adrenaline Zipline!

If standard hike doesn't satisfy you, let's go all out to crazy Zipline!

This hot adrenaline activity gives your stag group a buzz and turns an ordinary day upside down! There is 8 wires spreading through the Cetina river canyon and each provides you with a beautiful bird's eye view on untouched nature and a really wacky experience!

You can reach the speed of 65km/h and find yourself 150m above the ground. We guarantee an adrenaline rush in your blood!


Five-a-side Football

Are you ready for the match?
Stag football adventure in Split
Enjoy sporty afternoon on football pitch in Split
Team up with your stag mates and play a match!

If you fancy taking time-out from all that boozing, why not rent an indoor five-a-side football pitch. We have several pitches available and many of the locations have a bar and lunch facilities too. Pitch rental is available by the hour between 10.00 and 20.00 seven days a week.


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